Mr.Surendra Kumar Tiwari (26 January 1959) is the founder of Sapthsathi Organic Agriculture Project. He has a farming background and he has done all his experiments (research) related to bio dynamic /organic farming at his own farm located at New Guradia, Mhow. During his research's he came to know that how can we use village / farm waste and other non-useful plants for preparation of herbal Pesticides, further which can be used in organic farming.

His main objective To motivate the Rural people for maintaining natural structure of five elements (soil, water, air, sky, fire) with the help of cosmic forces and spiritual science removing chemical/artificial Residues from five elements.

He has done M. Sc. (Zoology) with 1st division from D.A.V.V. Indore in 1982, Along with that he is a member of Fellow Academy of Environmental Biology from International journal since 1986. Also, he had published seven research papers in international journal of Environment and Agriculture

He started his career as a Scientist in J. N. K. V. V. and he was in charge of Extension department of Vety. College MHOW (M.P.) from 1983 to 1993. After this he gave his services in MAIKAAL BIO-RE INDIA LTD Bhilgaon, Distt. Khargaon as a PROJECT COORDINATOR From 1993 to 2000.

At present he is a pioneer consultant of organic agricultural Project's in India. His mentor Sir Tadeu Caldas gave him the knowledge that how organic farming is done in the other parts of the world. With the guidance of Mr. Caldas and under his expertise he gave his consultancy to various organic projects in India. Some of them are given below: -

  • Vasuda organic project, Pratibha Syntex Ltd., Village Karahee, Teh. Maheswar, Dist. Khargoan,M.P.
  • Mahima Organic Technology, Village Bakaner, The. Manawar, Dist. Dhar, M.P.
  • Ishan Dairy, behind the TATA Exports, Dewas, For Manufacturing of Sampoorna Jevik Khad & Liguid Fertilizer.
  • Annad Gausala, Anjar, Dist. Barwani, M.P. For Manufacturing of Bio Pesticides (Certified by IMO).
  • Former Owner of Anpurna Javik Khad, Gawli Palasiya, MHOW, Dist. Indore – M.P.
  • M.P. Oil Seeds Federation Ltd. Bhopal for Soybean Cultivation.
  • Hi Tech Organic Form Association, Rau, for medicinal and Aromatic plant cultivation.
  • Prakash Seed & Bio Tech Baghod, Dist. Dewas, M.P.
  • Currently giving his consultancy services in Maral Over Seas Ltd., Maral Sarovar Organic Agriculture Project Ashapur, Teh. Maheswar, Dist. Khargaon, M.P.
  • He has formed his own company that is Sapthsathi Organic Agriculture Project and S.K.Tiwari Consultancy Services.
  • Along with this, he has trained numerous farmers in different places: -
  • Approx. 40,000 farmers in 690 village and approx. 15000 Hectare Area certified under his consultancy.
  • More than 90% farmers are continuing organic farming as per his guidance.
  • He has worked in Khandwa, Khargaon, Barwani, Dhar etc rather say almost the whole region of MALWA PLEATUE in M.P., Maharastara, and Gujarat.

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