Skills & Training:-

Well-trained staff is SOAP’s biggest asset. Apart from regular skill development workshops for workers, staff and executives, SOAP’s experts constantly provide training to farmers & Staff to upgrade skills and work practices. Regular visits to foreign manufacturers are scheduled to keep track of the latest trends & technology in manufacturing.

Organic Farming:-

1. As part of our sustainable campaign, we have 11000 organic farmers under contract for production of organic crops. The total area covered is more than 37000 hectares.

A consultant along with a team of dedicated workers is on a constant move to train and assist farmers. A complete scientific approach is used to do organic farming and the following are its main aspects:

  • Organic Manure like cow dung and Neem.
  • Mechanically devised traps to catch pests.
  • Use of household natural products to make insecticides. For example, fermented curd.
  • Using natural predators like birds and insects.
  • Intercropping.
  • Crop rotation to maintain and replenish the nutrients of the soil.
  • Also we have applied for fair trade certification for our projects, by which farmers will be benefited.

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